The preferred tuning will mostly depend on the type of music being played.  

Rows are tuned One Semitone Apart

B/C tuning

This tuning is fully chromatic.
On these instruments the rows are tuned a semitone apart.
This means that the full range of tones and semitones is availible.
Making it  possible to play in any key.
This box is normally played across the rows to play in the keys of  D and G.
The key of C is available straight row.
The number of bass chords availible when playing cross row is very limited.
B/C tuning is preferred by Irish musicians
C#/D tuning
C#/D tuning is preferred by Some Irish musicians
The key of D is played Straight row, and using the same cross row fingering as a B/C the keys of  E and A are availible.

Rows are tuned Five Semitones Apart

D/G tuning.

These are two row instruments and play the basic scale of  D on one row and G on the other.
It is easier to use the bass chords when playing straight row.
On most D/G instruments the two low notes are replaced with Accidentals (Bottom button)
D/G tuning is popular with English country dance bands and Morris musicians.

C/F tuning
This tuning is popular in Continental Europe



<On boxes with more than one set of reeds one of the reeds is tuned sharper than the other.
This gives a beating or tremelo effect.
Different types of tunings are availible Wet,Dry,Swing,Musette

<Dry and Swing tunings are the most popular >

(Almost no tremelo.)
About half as much tremelo as the Paolo Soprani or Hohner pokerwork.

WET (Tremelo)
Instruments with a large amount of difference are refferred to as being "Tremelo" tuned,
i.e the Paolo soprani or the Hohner pokerwork.
3 sets of reeds, one tuned sharp and one tuned flat with a very wet sound.
Not so popular in Ireland any more, but still popular in Scotland and France.

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